Tuesday, 6 September 2011

almost a month

A months break was a grand idea. we opened a few new sacks of beans, decorated and umm tasted said coffees.  

So to get the new season kicked off I thought a sensory tasting night might be the way to go... I did a wee test run of this at the last open club night but this time there will be no v60 comp, yes yes I know its called the v60 club. I'm not shunning the v60.
more cupping more coffee and more chat.  

the date for this sensory experience will take place on  

Thursday the twenty second of September
kicking off at 6:30pm 
at a cost of £5

if your keen as chips or just have a question send me an email:

Places will be limited, first in first served. 

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Brazil, where the sun is always shining

The summer has taken a wrong turn somewhere. This is bad even for Glasgow. So to perk you lot up I decided to open the sack of Brazil and wow thats what I call a bag of sunshine! 

Philip, Jamie and myself have spent the morning cupping different roasts then putting them through a v60, plunger and finally a chemex. each roast gave us a very different profile and a very good understanding of the coffee as a whole. The first profile was very zesty and rather heavy bodied. We all preferred this roast served in a plunger as it kept the oils but then served in a v60 it was sweeter. The second profile had all of this - the lovely zesty oils and the creamy sweet orange tones. The third profile had nothing. bla. nothing. All in all its been a very buzzy morning, the perfect way to spend this miserable morning! 

now its time to learn about this coffee..

 The farm (fazenda Irarema)is located at an altitude of some 1,000 to 1,300 meters in the foothills of the Serra Da Mantiqueira mountain range. Its around 4 hours drive from San Paulo right in the heart of Brazils coffee growing region, Mogiana.
The area has very fertile volcanic soil and plentiful water supply - Mantiqueira derives from an old indigenous 
Tupi-Guarani word meaning 'mountains that cry' after the many springs and streams that flow off the range.
Irarema has been producing coffee since 1893 - and some of its original Bourbon trees remain. The farm is planted out with a total of 200 hectares of Arabica - 40% is Bourbon.

Its current owner,  Raymond Rebetez - who also runs the neighboring Lambari Estate. Has since set about modernising its infrastructure, investing in state of the art milling and warehouse facilities all while maintaining the farms long established bourbon varietals. The farm is now equipped to produce small fully traceable lots, carefully prepared to protect quality. Before it is shipped the coffee is tasted by a BSCA cupper to monitor the final quality of the coffee. 
As a BSCA member farm, Irarema also has strict environmental and social regulations in place Raymond Rebetez has remarked that 'agriculture is the art of interfering in ecosystems without causing irreversible damage'. Environmental and social sustainability must go hand in hand with the pursuit of quality.

Thursday, 4 August 2011



Because its the month that Edinburgh gets down and 'Parties' we have decided that the month of August is a good time for a break. Just a wee break - kinda. its not you its me sorta thing. 
OH but not for good, 

just. the. month. of. August. 

We will be back with a BANG at the start of September with a sensory coffee night for all v60 members. 

Keep watching the facebook page for deals - v60 members you are going to be spoilt!

Become a member in September and you wont need instant ever again. 

 - Happy Summer Geeks -

Friday, 22 July 2011

Look what we have...

The Zamora family have been growing coffee at the Cafatalera Zamorana farm for over 100 years. Jorge Zamora is the fourth generation to take on the farm with extra help from his five sons. The estate is made up of some ten farms dotted around the foot of Costa Rica's central volcanic mountain range. The fertile, volcanic soils and mild mountain climate provide ideal conditions for the production of specialty coffee.
The estate is made up of some ten farms dotted around the foot of Costa Rica’s central volcanic mountain range. The fertile, volcanic soils and mild mountain climate provide ideal conditions for the production of specialty coffee. Two varietals are grown on the estate, Caturra and CatuaĆ­. These cherries are hand-picked only when completely ripe. When the coffee has been picked it is taken to the estate’s processing facility in San Isidro, Alajuela. Here the cherries are pulped, fermented, washed and then sun dried on patios. The solid coffee pulp left over at the end of the process is recycled and used as organic fertilizer on the estate, while the waste water is filtered naturally in purification lagoons.

Costa-Rica you have done it again!

We tasted it this afternoon made with quite a few different brewing methods and the bestest one is.. a chemex! Its a bright, citrus fruit salad topped with lime sherbet - perfect for 'summer' 


Monday, 18 July 2011

the super v60 club rulez!

The next date is:
Wednesday 3rd

We are so cool that we need a few rules - well guide lines.. rules are for wimps! 

- If you want to make a booking email Megan at: super.v60.club@gmail.com

- If you make that booking then you have to drop the fee in before the meeting if ya don't ya don't get a seat!

- If you are unable to make it you must give 24 hours notice so that we can find someone to fill that seat. 

If we all stick to these then people who do won't get to miss out on coffee fun!

Monday, 4 July 2011

in the romance of the evening when young dreams glow softly, coffee is always the perfect companion.


The next meeting is full..

The next one will be around the end of the month with a cupping evening to follow soon after for all the current members.

Please note that there will no longer be a waiting list for unannounced meetings, as these dates fill to quickly and people waiting for the announcement of the next one tend to miss out.. sorry.