Saturday, 28 May 2011

well.. what?

The Super v60 Club is a monthly group that meet in Glasgow, Scotland at Artisan Roast to chat, geek and drink coffee brewed threw the Hario v60 coffee filters.

The idea for the club came to me (Megan) one evening.. nar not really, I just needed an excuse (kinda) to geek about pour over coffee with fellow geeks! 
When the Club meets for the first time I show the group how to find their taste buds and then how to use them to taste coffee. We cup a few coffees, then brake into teams and try some different methods with different coffees. The general idea with this first meeting is to get the juices flowing.. open the mind etc. We don't make the perfect v60 in this meeting as the idea is that the members go home with a bag of coffee and test out some methods/ideas THEN.. come to the open meeting and test their ideas with the other club members! (and have a little fun) - have ya' got all that?! 

We are about to have the 3rd 'Super v60 club' meeting and then the first EVER 'open club' meeting - which is for members only! 

Not only will this blog be full of super v60 club stuff it will also have methods that we are playing around with (good and bad)and the coffees that we are using plus general coffee jazz! 

Welcome to the club, geeks. 

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